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3D Geometry Magnetic Rubik's Cube

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Improve hands-on & logical thinking ability
Improve shape cognition & space cognition
Multi-shape changes, enhance interest
Light & small & small & easy -to -carry
Great For Anxiety Release And Concentration

🧩 INNOVATIVE design that transforms into OVER 70 SHAPES. Fits comfortably in the hand for hours of MIND-CHALLENGING fun, STIMULATE the senses with UNLIMITED creative possibility! CAN YOU MASTER THE SHAPE-SHIFTING BOX?
🧲 COLLECT & CONNECT – With the strong internal magnet system of our Sensory puzzle boxes, you can CONNECT MULTIPLE MAGNETIC CUBES to build even larger structures and SCULPTURES – for the ultimate SATISFYING magnetic Sensory toy and brain teaser.
🎁 A TRANSFORMATIONAL GIFT – Our Sensory magnet cubes make great SENSORY STIMULATION puzzle gifts for all ages. With every satisfying click, our shape-shifting puzzle box’s CALMING, THERAPEUTIC effect soothes away stress & nerves.
✨ AT FUN IN MOTION TOYS, WE CREATE toys that STIMULATE the MIND, BODY & IMAGINATION. Your happiness is our #1 goal! If you need any help with your 3D Geometry Magnetic Rubik's Cube, our Happiness Engineers are STANDING BY.

Customer Reviews

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Help child use their imagination

Bought two at a time, the child likes this Rubik's Cube very much, the quality is very good, the magnetism is very strong, it can be changed in various ways, and the imagination can be used. I received it just before going out to play and accompanied the whole journey.