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Ghost Hunters Travel Game

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路馃巸Perfect Halloween Gift For boys and girls

路馃巵Convenient and portable, take the fun anywhere

路 鉁˙uild concentration, increase focus, and flex those problem-solving muscles

路 馃槈Suitable for all ages, great for families to game together!聽

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銆怲ravel-Friendly Educational Toys銆 Ghost Hunters features 60 challenges where players position flashlights to expose the ghosts! Thanks to its compact size and portable travel case, this puzzle is great for your travel games list.
銆怋rain Games Build Skills銆 Build concentration and focus, problem-solving abilities, spatial insight, logic, and planning skills while playing, So fun to play, you鈥檒l forget you鈥檙e building STEM skills!
銆怱et Includes銆1 compact game board with transparent lid, transparent flashlight puzzle pieces, and cards with 60 challenges and solutions.
銆怉ges 6 & Up銆 This puzzle is perfect for kids鈥nd adults alike. With 60 challenges you鈥檙e sure to find a puzzle that tests you and pushes you to think outside the box.

Customer Reviews

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This game is incredible. My 4 year old son is obsessed with Ghostbusters so I knew this Ghost Hunters game would be right up his alley. I was worried it may be too advanced for him but the way they designed the game so it can grow with the user as they learn and advance their skills is outstanding! It starts with all the pieces outlined so they can get a feel for how the pieces fit and how they shine the lights on the ghosts. Slowly as the cards get more advanced they take outlines away. Some cards just show the lights so you have a clue as to which direction it comes from but theres a couple possibilities of which piece that could be. Its really just a phenomenal idea! I even have fun with the more challenging puzzles as a 31 year old. I can see this being a game he can play with for years and years to come. Its also just really great to have a game he can play by himself. I love watching his problem solving skills at work and how proud he is when he figures it out! Bravo, 5 stars!